By the end of the year, Cape Coral will have hundreds of new apartments ready to lease as newcomers continue to discover Southwest Florida.

Hurricane Ian slammed Cape Coral in September, but as it continues its recovery into the new year, project development scheduled for 2023 is moving forward.

Florida was the fastest-growing state in 2022, with more than 400,000 people moving here last year, many setting their eyes on Cape Coral.

Sharon Woodberry, economic and business development manager, said the city hasn’t heard from developers regarding cancellation or significant delays.

Though, she said issues with labor, employees and minor damage on construction sites resulted in a few weeks of delays.

“The consensus with our developers is that Ian set them back, but for the most part, the consensus was four to six weeks.” Woodberry said.

She said 2023 is looking very well for the city.

“So we’ll just look for feedback from our developers to see how things are going but we still have interest, they’re still calling and things are still looking good,” Woodberry said.


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