• Canadian Hearing Services (First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation [CPR] Training in American Sign Language [ASL]): Funding will support the delivery of first aid and CPR training to individuals who use ASL as their first language. Training will be delivered by specially trained ASL Deaf certified first aid instructors. This London program will be the first of its kind in Canada. Funding allocated: $8,209

  • Gan-Gani Nursery School of London (Intergenerational Art Program for Seniors): Funding will support an intergenerational art program bringing together seniors and pre-school age children from the Gan-Gani daycare.  The program will create a sense of community, build relationships and allow the sharing of life experiences through storytelling. Funding allocated: $15,000

  • London Children’s Museum (The Limberlost Road Outreach Initiative): Funding will support a new partnership with the London Community Chaplaincy and address access barriers for low-income, underserved families through neighbourhood-based delivery.  Monthly programs will include hands-on STEAM activities, as well as private visits to the museum location. Funding allocated: $27,800

  • London Community Chaplaincy (Boys Community Connecting and Mentoring Program): Funding will support a new partnership with Camp Kee Mo Kee to deliver a youth leadership and mentoring program at both Chaplaincy locations (Southdale and Limberlost). The program will provide activities, mentorship and new opportunities for tween boys who are struggling with behaviour in school and in the communities. Funding allocated: $14,500

  • London Environmental Network (Sustainable Affordable Housing Feasibility and Design): Funding will support a feasibility study and design for a carbon-sequestering, sustainable and affordable 4 to 8 unit multi-plex. Working with community partners and education institutions the study and design project will provide a meaningful, leading green building template to be used for affordable student housing and community sustainability initiatives in the future. Funding allocated: $21,750

  • Nokee Kwe (First Employ for Business Reconciliation): Funding will support a collaboration with local business and the London Chamber of Commerce to assess the current state of businesses’ reconciliation efforts and develop tools and resources to attract and retain Indigenous talent as a means of engaging in community reconciliation. The objective is to increase cultural safety for the Indigenous workforce through improved hiring and workplace practices with the lens of employment services providers. Funding allocated: $44,000

  • Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration (Reclaiming Our Safety: Combating Gendered Islamophobia): Funding will support the development a group healing program for Muslim women/girls responding to harms of gendered Islamophobia including creating a space for personal and collective healing, as well as bystander intervention training specifically addressing Gendered Islamophobia for individuals who are not Muslim women/girls. Funding allocated: $80,998

  • Muslim Wellness Network (Mentorship Program): Funding will support the implementation of a mentorship program providing a safe and nurturing environment to access supports and resources for Muslim youth experiencing social, economic and mental health challenges, often faced due to stigma, cultural barriers, and systemic discrimination. Funding allocated: $60,000

  • Now for Tomorrow; A South Sudanese Wellness Network (Youth Programs): Funding will support the implementation of a music and dance program for South Sudanese youth providing a positive environment for participants to express themselves, engage in productive activities, celebrate culture, build confidence, and develop a sense of identity through belonging and community.  Funding allocated: $66,657

  • Participation House Support Services (London and Area PHSS Social 2.0): Funding will support a program for young adults with developmental, medical and complex physical needs to participate in a variety of community activities with support staff based on individual interests and abilities allowing them the opportunity to reach their full potential, build confidence, make friends and foster a sense of community. Funding allocated: $30,000

  • WeBridge Community Services (Black Senior’s Day Program): Funding will support a weekly free adult day program for Black seniors providing supports from Black professionals from various areas of practice including social work, personal support, and nursing allowing seniors to participate in social, health and wellness activities. Funding allocated: $28,000

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