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Seniors Against Investment Fraud (SAIF)

The Department of Financial Protection and Innovation’s (DFPI) Seniors Against Investment Fraud (SAIF) program, established in July 2001, alerts and educates Californians over the age of 50 about financial and investment fraud, common scams, and unscrupulous sales practices that specifically target seniors. SAIF exists because seniors are prime targets for financial fraud and scams. The goal of the SAIF program is to empower seniors to make informed decisions about investments and finances. The SAIF message is disseminated through seminars and presentations at senior centers and other locations where seniors gather. For more information about our events, see our Events Calendar.

Please contact us or call 1-866-275-2677 for information about scheduling a SAIF presentation in your area. To order our education publications, email us at [email protected].


Reporting Elder Financial Abuse

If you want to report elder financial abuse, contact your local county APS Office. Abuse reports may also be made to you local law enforcement agency.

The following forms are to assist you in filing your report of suspected dependent adult or elder abuse. If you are employed by a financial institution, please complete form SOC 342. All other persons should complete form SOC 341.

Report of Suspected Dependent Adult/Elder Abuse, SOC 341 (PDF) / Spanish (PDF)

Report of Suspected Dependent Adult/Elder Financial Abuse, SOC 342 (PDF)


Additional Resources:

Adult Protective Services – Information from the California Department of Social Services

Annuities – It’s Your Choice Video (California Department of Insurance)

Attorney General’s Citizen’s Guide to Preventing & Reporting Elder Abuse (PDF) – Available in English, Spanish, Chinese

Citizen’s Guide to Reverse Mortgages: Is One Right For You? (PDF) (California Bureau of Real Estate)

Citizen’s Guide to Preventing and Reporting Elder Abuse (PDF) (California Department of Justice)

Guidance on Reporting Financial Abuse of Older Adults (FDIC)

Money Smart for Older Adults (FDIC/CFPB)

Preventing and Reporting Elder Financial Abuse

Protect the Elderly from Financial Exploitation by the American Bankers Association

Safe Banking for Seniors (ABA)

Securities Helpline for Seniors (FINRA) (NASAA) – Tools for senior investors

State Controller’s Property Tax Postponement Program



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