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FRISCO, Texas, July 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Evolve Mortgage Services, a top provider of outsourced mortgage solutions and eMortgage technology solutions, announced today it has added an elite industry legend and luminary, Mark Calabria as a member of its advisory board.  

Members will serve on the Evolve advisory board for a one-year term from July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023. 

The charter of the advisory board is to add value by exposing the management team to new innovations, broadening horizons, improve understanding of Evolve’s market position, company risks, future drivers of growth, and challenging assumptions.  Its mission and vision are to embrace, drive change and propel the company, and industry forward.

Specific areas of the board’s primary focus include:

  • Promoting the organization in the community
  • Expanding an organization’s network through strategic planning
  • Guiding the organization’s leadership in specific subject matters
  • Connecting the organization to new audiences

We welcome our esteemed new advisory board member, Mark Calabria! Calabria is currently serving as a senior advisor for Cato Institute, he has more than 25 years of financial regulations experience and was the former Director, of the Federal Housing Finance Agency “FHFA,” where he was appointed by President Trump. As FHFA Director, Calabria led the agency’s response to COVID, bringing stability and support to the mortgage market, while also laying the groundwork for a removal of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from conservatorship. Prior to FHFA, Calabria was Chief Economist to the Vice President at the White House.

“Mark has impressed us with his business acumen, caliber of achievements and invaluable expertise,” said Paul Anselmo, Founder/CEO of Evolve. “The vast array of talent and knowledge Calabria brings will help accelerate our growth and expand our digital footprint as we continue to evolve our solutions to change the way loans are bought and sold in the marketplace.” 

“I am excited to join Evolve’s advisory board,” said Calabria, “Looking forward to collaborating with the team to help pioneer new emerging digital trends and create innovative technology solutions that provide not only the tools, data and document quality, but all the controls and compliance requirements needed from mortgage origination to the secondary marketing delivery process. Paul and his team are true innovators, and I know will bring much needed change to the mortgage market.”

About Evolve Mortgage Services

Evolve Mortgage Services is a top provider of outsourced mortgage solutions and eMortgage technology solutions. Evolve enables companies to eliminate roadblocks and focus their valuable resources on growth. The company’s services empower mortgage lenders, servicers, and investors to reduce inefficiencies in their mortgage loan process and dramatically improve profitability. Founded and run by a team of industry veterans, Evolve provides seamless component or end-to-end loan services and creates custom strategies for each client. The firm has extensive experience in origination and post-closing services; institutional, whole loan, and servicing acquisition due diligence; collateral recovery HMDA and forensic compliance reviews; whole loan sales; agency deliveries; and TPR securitizations. Evolve is based in Frisco, Texas. For more information, visit

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