The UBCM Executive held its quarterly committee and board meetings in Richmond from February 23-24. A full slate of Committee meetings was held and Executive members welcomed a delegation from Anne Kang, Minister of Municipal Affairs.

Highlights of the February 24th Executive meeting include:
  • received a report from President Ford on her activities since the November Executive meeting.
  • received correspondence confirming that Councillor Craig Hodge, Coquitlam is Metro Vancouver’s appointment to the UBCM Executive.
  • received a status and action report on a variety of policy areas that continue to be monitored by UBCM.
  • received an update on the work underway related to the 2021 UBCM Finance Report noting a briefing on the proposed 2023 work plan will be held in March with the Presidents Committee and the Ministers of Finance and Municipal Affairs.
  • received a report on the status of work to date in preparation for UBCM’s upcoming Housing Summit on April 4 & 5.
  • received a report on new provincial legislation, regulations and orders in council in the last legislative session affecting, or of interest to, local governments.
  • received a report outlining UBCM’s participation in the FCM Partnerships for Municipal Innovation – Women in Leadership Program. UBCM is continuing its working relationship with the National League of Councils in Cambodia with an in-person mission planned in March 2023.
  • approved the appointment of Councillor Leslie Hunt-Dickie, Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, as UBCM’s representative to the BC Real Estate Foundation’s Board of Governors for a 3-year term.
  • approved the following appointments to the RCMP Local Government Contract Management Committee:
    •  Over 15,000/Lower Mainland RCMP District (LMD)/within Metro Vancouver RD (1 apt, 2-year term) Cecilia Achiam, General Manager of Community Safety, City of Richmond
    • Over 15,000 / outside LMD (1 appointment, 2-year term) Councillor Cori Ramsay, City of Prince George
    • 5,000 – 15,000 (2 appointments, one 2-year term and one 1-year term) Councillor Sam Raven, Town of Smithers (2 yr) and Trevor Seibel, Chief Administrative Officer, District of Coldstream (1 yr)
    • Regional district (1 apt, 2-year term) Director Jerrilyn Kirk, RD of Fraser-Fort George
    • Under 5,000 (1 apt, 2-year term) Mayor David Wilks, District of Sparwood
  • met with the Honourable Anne Kang, Minister of Municipal Affairs and discussed: UBCM’s Housing Conference; Emergency Management Legislation; Old Growth Strategy; Local Government Finance Update; Canada Community Building Fund and plans for UBCM’s 2023 Advocacy Days.
  • received the financial report for the period ending December 31, 2022
  • received reports on Victoria Operations including the status of the Canada Community Building Fund as well as various Local Government Program Services.
  • received a report on staff activities since the last meeting in November.
  • received a six-month interim report on UBCM’s 2022-2023 Work Plan.
Highlights of the February 23rd Committee meetings include:

The Presidents Committee received updates on staffing; member services and group benefits programs; intergovernmental relationships; financial statements and UBCM investments as well as UBCM’s governance documents review.  Reports were received on the status of work related to the 2021 Finance Report; discussions related to the negotiations on the renewal of the Canada Community Building Fund; and directed staff to undertake additional research into the request by members to seek eligibility of local elected officials into the Municipal Pension Plan. Members discussed UBCM appointments to the following: Real Estate Foundation of BC Board of Governors; Poverty Reduction Committee; BC HEAT Committee; and RCMP Local Government Contract Management Committee.

Community Economic Development Committee

The Community Economic Development Committee provided direction on one referred resolution from the 2022 UBCM Convention and reviewed the new provincial Cabinet portfolios relevant to economic development. Members received updates on aquaculture, internet connectivity, forest policy, and the new federal economic development agency PacifiCan. Members also received a delegation from the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC), outlining the role and mandate of the BCUC, and highlighting current proceedings and areas of work of interest to local governments.

Community Safety Committee

The Community Safety Committee received delegations from the Justice Institute of BC regarding first responder training programs; and, from the Ministry of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness regarding Indigenous engagement with local governments. Committee members also considered one referred resolution about the personal production of medical cannabis and cannabis taxation revenue sharing. Additional reports received by the Committee related to the Province’s Safer Communities Action Plan; the ongoing Police Act and public safety review; RCMP Collective Agreement; other policing issues of relevance; cannabis policy; emergency management; 911 emergency communications; and, provincial Minister mandate letters.

Health and Social Development Committee

The Health and Social Development Committee received updates on the Minister mandate letters, the health impacts of climate change, and the Poverty Reduction Advisory Committee. The Committee also discussed the decriminalization of illicit drugs and raised concerns regarding the need for tools and resources for local government, additional overdose prevention sites that are open 24 hours a day, safe inhalation spaces, drug testing, as well as more treatment and recovery options. A report was also received on the Local Leaders for Mental Health.

Environment Committee

The Environment Committee received a Ben Finkelstein, Director, Partnerships – Climate Action Secretariat, Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy. Reports were received on the Minister mandate letters, the packaging and printed paper program, and the health impacts of climate change. Correspondence was received from the Columbia Shuswap Regional District regarding Recycle BC’s Packaging and Paper Product Extended Producer Responsibility Plan.

Indigenous Relations

The Committee received a delegation from the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation. Reports were also received on federal and provincial policy updates addressing UNDRIP legislation, MMIWG updates, agreements with individual First Nations, and the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.


The Convention committee received reports and provided direction on the 2023 Convention theme, keynote speaker options, and the draft long program.  The Committee also reviewed the function allocations for the 2023 Convention.  The financial statements for the 2022 Convention and the period ending December 31st were also received by the Committee.  Future Convention locations were discussed and more information will be made available as details are confirmed.

Resolutions Committee

The Resolutions Committee approved its Terms of Reference and the timeline for the 2023 resolutions process. The Committee reviewed delegate feedback from the 2022 Annual Convention. Delegates provided positive feedback regarding the overall resolutions process and the submitting and vetting of resolutions. The Resolutions Committee did not propose any changes to the resolutions process due to the low number of survey responses received in 2022. Instead, it is planning on bringing back the resolutions process review survey questions to Convention 2023 for consideration by delegates during a resolutions session.


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